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PhotoFast i-FlashDrive Max Review

A cool little device to help solve your iPhone storage issues

I’ve had a chance to check out the new PhotoFast i-FlashDrive for the past few days. This drive is specifically made for newer Apple devices with the lightning connector to backup your information. Here are some of my thoughts about this product.

To use this stick on your devices start by downloading the free PhotoFast app from the App Store. This simple app allows you to download, store and retrieve your information from your Apple device and/or your PC or Mac. It really is as simple as clicking one button. This drive comes in 32, 128 and 256 GB. That's a lot of addition space to your current memory storage capacity. While the 3.0 USB isn’t the fastest available, it does the job.

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There’s a ton of applications you can access and store on the PhotoFast i-Flash Drive. I find it extremely useful that in addition to your videos and photos, but you can also save contacts and calendar. You can also access your Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, and Google Drive as well.

If you’re a traveler you finally have an option to download videos, movies or music from your laptop and upload them to watch on your iPad, which can be a nice treat if you’re lucky enough to have someone to share the last season of Mad Men with you. Nice not to have to give ALL your money to Apple and iTunes.

I really like this drive, I have the iPhone SE 16gb version which lets you take 4K video. The problem is that a 4K video takes up a huge amount of my device storage and when I try to take additional photos or videos I'm out of space. iCloud is fine and all, but it can be a pain and also requires using your cellular data to push videos if you need to sync on the go. With the PhotoFast i-FlashDrive I can take as many pics and videos as I want and simply plug in the stick and download all my stuff to the drive and throw it onto a laptop and forget about it.

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The iPhotoFast 32GB version will run you around $65 bucks at Western Mobile + Office, which isn’t bad considering you’d be looking at $130 for upgrading to a higher memory phone. While it runs a little more than a standard micro SD card, it’s a pretty good option to free up space on your phone or iPad. If you take a ton of photos and videos and seem to run out of space quickly, don't be afraid to pick one of these up, you won't be sorry that you spent the money.

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