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  • IT Consulting

    Consulting, Security or Support Services: We have you covered!

    Whether you're a small business, government agency or multi-national corporation our IT professionals can assist you in your project objectives. We specialize in data migration and security upgrades for all sizes of organizations.

    Quick Link IT Support

    Not a customer yet but don't know where to turn for IT support? Our quick link IT support services can assist. Send us a service request and we will respond within four hours (between 9am and 5pm MST).


  • About Us: Western Business Solutions


    Western Business Solutions is a partner for comprehensive consulting services to help your business or non-profit thrive. We specialize in financial advisory management, labour relations, and start-up services.


    Our team of consultants, based in Calgary, Edmonton and. the Central Alberta region, tap into decades of experience to provide strategic and operational support to help optimize every aspect of your organization for success.


    “It’s lonely at the top” is more than a cliché. We can tell you from experience that it is even more lonely as a business owner or non-profit organization when you’re slipping toward the bottom.


    We're here to help if you need it, and your initial consultation is free.

  • Accelerate your small business' financial growth

    Strong financial management is vital for achieving long-term success.


    With decades of experience overseeing finances for private and non-profit organizations we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help organizations overcome financial challenges, achieve stability and accelerate growth.

    Financial Strategic Planning

    We work closely with struggling businesses to develop comprehensive financial strategies tailored to their specific needs and goals. Whether it's setting up initial operations, expanding into new markets, or adapting to changing circumstances, we simplify complex financial options and provide clear guidance to ensure the business is poised for resilience and prosperity.

    Financial Management

    Effective financial management is crucial for keeping a business on track towards its objectives. We offer transparent oversight, command, and understanding of the company's financial affairs. Through full-cycle bookkeeping services, we provide valuable insights that enable businesses to manage their operations adeptly, ensuring financial stability and compliance.

    Operational Efficiency

    We conduct a thorough analysis of the business's operations to identify opportunities for improvement. By evaluating processes, reducing costs, and optimizing workflows, we help businesses operate more efficiently, enhancing profitability and financial performance. Our goal is to streamline operations and implement cost-saving measures that free up resources for growth initiatives.

    Data-Driven Growth Strategies

    Expanding a business requires a deep understanding of financial data and market dynamics. We empower entrepreneurs to interpret financial patterns, identify performance drivers, and capitalize on growth opportunities. Through tailored financial analysis and strategic recommendations, we enable businesses to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence, making informed decisions that support strategic expansion and sustainable growth. 


    Overall, our experience and expertise in financial management, strategy development, operational efficiency, and growth planning make us a valuable asset for struggling businesses. With our guidance, businesses can overcome challenges, accelerate financial growth, and position themselves for long-term success.

  • Turning Pitfalls into Pathways to Success

    50% of all new business start-ups won't make it five years. Let us help you beat the odds.

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    Business Plan Analysis

    Many people don't like basic math, and even more people don't like financial math. If you're one of those people and starting on your entrepreneurial journey, we can assist you with real-world scenarios and the hidden costs that your bank representative, lawyer, or accountant may not have the experience or perspective to offer.

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    Negotiating your first commercial lease can be equivalent of you going one-on-one with Lebron James. We provide initial evaluation services and can guide you in the negotiation process in advance of your final review by your legal. Pro-tip: At any point, if you hear the word "boilerplate", you should give us a call.

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    Chances are you're starting a business to pursue your passion, not to manage costs, logistics, people or technology. If it's not one of those things, we can help. Whether it's helping you set up your internal systems or assisting in the management of them, we're here to help you pursue that dream of making a living doing what you love.

  • Labour Relations

    Over sixty years of labour and union management experience.

    Union Negotiations and Collective Bargaining

    We providing expertise and guidance during negotiations between management and labor unions to reach collective bargaining agreements. This includes analyzing contract proposals, developing negotiation strategies, and representing the organization during bargaining sessions.


    Union Avoidance Strategies

    Assisting organizations in implementing proactive measures to prevent unionization efforts among their workforce. This may involve conducting vulnerability assessments, training managers on effective communication techniques, and addressing employee concerns to maintain a union-free workplace.


    Labor Relations Training

    Offering training programs for managers and supervisors on labor laws, union regulations, and effective labor relations practices. This helps ensure that management is equipped to handle union-related issues and maintain positive relationships with unionized employees.


    Grievance Handling and Arbitration

    Assisting with the resolution of grievances and disputes between management and unionized employees. Our consultants provide guidance on grievance procedures, provide representation during arbitration hearings, and work to resolve conflicts in a fair and timely manner.


    Union Campaign Management

    Supporting organizations facing union organizing campaigns by providing strategic advice, conducting employee sentiment surveys, and developing communication plans. Our team can help your organization navigate the complexities of union organizing efforts and minimize the risk of unionization.


    Strike Preparedness and Management

    Helping organizations develop contingency plans and strategies to mitigate the impact of potential labor strikes or work stoppages. Our consultants assist in developing communication plans and work with your legal team in managing legal and regulatory compliance during labor disputes.


    Union Awareness Training

    Offering educational programs for employees to raise awareness about unionization, their rights and obligations under labor laws, and the potential implications of union representation. Our independent consultants help organizations foster open dialogue and maintain transparency regarding labor relations issues.

    Set the stage for success with our Event Management Services

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    From campaign rallies to fundraising galas and everything in between, we specialize in orchestrating seamless and impactful political events that captivate audiences and rally support. Our experienced team handles every detail with precision, from venue selection and logistics planning to audiovisual production and guest management. With our expertise at your disposal, you can focus on your message while we ensure your event leaves a lasting impression with your constituents.

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    Award Galas

    Roll out the red carpet and celebrate excellence with our award-winning event management company. Specializing in creating unforgettable awards shows that shine a spotlight on your honorees, we bring your vision to life with precision and flair. From glamorous venue selection to flawless production and seamless execution, our experienced team handles every detail with finesse. With our expertise, your awards show will dazzle attendees and leave a lasting impression on all who attend. Heck, as you can see in this photo, we can even make a gym look like a million bucks!

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    Corporate Golf Tournaments

    With more and more organizations jumping on board the golf tournament bandwagon, it has become increasingly competitive and many golf tournaments end up having to cancel due to low registration numbers. Our experience in running successful golf tournaments including program management, sponsor engagement, course liason and tournament day logistics can help ensure your event sets the standard for enjoyment and value. We can help ensure you're not only successful this year, but that your participants mark next year's tournament on the calendar as well!

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    Pop-Up Marketing

    When it comes to hosting a pop-up marketing evening for your existing clients, every detail matters, and that's where we excel. Our team specializes in crafting immersive and memorable experiences that captivate your audience and strengthen client relationships. From concept development to execution, we work closely with you to ensure every aspect of your pop-up event reflects your brand's identity and objectives. Bring us your objectives and we'll turn them into reality!